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7 Easy Ways To Maximize Money This Christmas

The holidays are officially here, and they tend to put a little extra stress everyone’s finances. I’ve put together a few of my favorite tips to void the stress and save some money this Christmas (and make a little extra too).

1. $ave While Shopping With Swagbucks

Save Money Shopping - 7 Easy Ways To Maximize Money This Christmas

By using Swagbucks, you can get up to 20% cash back from stores like Amazon, WalMart and more when shopping online. 

  • Swagbucks is free and you’ll get $5 just for signing up 
  • Get up to 20% cash back from Swagbucks when you shop online
  • Paid out over $220,000,000 in rewards and has A+ rating from Better Business Bureau
  • Get $5 just for signing up

2.Traveling For The Holidays?

Creative Ways to Save Money - 7 Easy Ways To Maximize Money This Christmas

Going out of town for the holidays? Why not rent your house on Airbnb and earn extra cash for your trip? Better yet, rent your house or apartment on Airbnb and also stay in an Airbnb to save even more money!

  • Get $40 of travel credit towards your first trip for signing up now 
  • Thousands of quality vacation rentals and homes to choose from
  • Free and easy to use mobile phone app

3. Get Honey & Save Money

Save Money On Amazon - 7 Easy Ways To Maximize Money This Christmas

Get the best prices on Amazon. The money-saving tool Honey detects savings opportunities on Amazon and automatically gives you coupons, so you get the lowest price.

  • Free to sign up and easy to use – WILL save you money
  • Get paid to shop and earn cash back from Honey
  • Receive a cash bonus for things you were going to buy anyway
  • Web browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera that show you coupons as you shop!

 4. Make Money & Advance Science Watching TV

fabian grohs 463435 - 7 Easy Ways To Maximize Money This Christmas

Humans can recognize emotions. Computers can’t. To earn cash with Emotion Miner, all you do is watch videos and analyze emotions by answering simple questions. Emotion Miner is an extremely easy way to earn money from your computer.

  • Get $5 just for signing up
  • Free and easy to sign up
  • Get paid to watch short videos
  • Earn up to $100 per task, $5 Standard, $18 Extended or $100 Jedi Master tasks with deadlines up to 2 weeks

5. This Holiday, Invest In Their Future

Give A Gift of Stockpile - 7 Easy Ways To Maximize Money This Christmas

With the awesome app and website Stockpile, you can buy fractional shares and give gifts of stock your of favorite companies to your favorite people. Many top stocks are pricey, which makes it hard to get started. Take Amazon, at $1000 a share it can be hard to fork that over. Not with Stockpile, you can buy $50 of Amazon; you’ll get 0.05 shares!

  • No account needed to give a gift.
  • Free to sign up, 99¢ per trade, no monthly fees.
  • Give gifts of stock in their favorite companies.
  • No account needed to give a gift.
  • Buy fractional shares of 1,000+ stocks and ETFs.

6. Scout Your Books Earn

Make Money With BookScouter - 7 Easy Ways To Maximize Money This Christmas

BookScouter helps you sell textbooks and used books for the most money by comparing offers from over 35 book buyback vendors with a single search. BookScouter even pays for shipping. Instead of your old books collecting dust, sell the on BookScouter to earn some extra money.

  • Easily sell textbooks online
  • Receive the best prices for your textbooks
  • Shipping is free, and you’re often paid the same day your book is received

7. Trim Your Holiday Expenses

drew coffman 175710 - 7 Easy Ways To Maximize Money This Christmas

Recurring expenses can add up but Trim helps you get rid of them fast and easy! Save some money this holiday season by using the Trim app too find your forgotten subscriptions and cancel them.

  • Easy to use Trim iPhone app
  • Negotiates your cable or internet bill for you
  • Finds & cancels unwanted subscriptions
  • Has saved people more than $8,000,000

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