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There's a lot of personal finance blogs out there. Why read ours?

We started this site after we paid off $50,000 of debt in 11 months. Since we were both making average salaries at non-profits, we knew we needed to be a bit unorthodox about getting out of debt. That's when we got rid of stuff we didn't need and bought a camper. Our hard work paid off when 11 months later we sold it for 3x more than we bought it for. That's when we figured out how money worked.  

Christmas 2016, living in the camper 1f600 - Meet Zack & Jen26fa - Meet Zack & Jen

When we were living in the camper, we figured out that money isn't that hard. When it comes to personal finance there is really one simple goal. Keep more in the bank than you spend. 

For some reason that concept is hard for people. We get it. We weren't always great with money either but we started this blog to help you along the journey to create a life you truly love. 

We have come to realize that money isn't the only thing that is important to us. Time, freedom, and pursuing what you love holds tremendous value in life. 

The problem with most personal finance advice is that it goes something like this: "save your whole life so you can site on a cruise ship at 65 and retire." 

This is a flawed way to look at life. Of course I want to retire but I also want what I want now. Life is short. Who knows how long we have? No one.​

Our goal isn't to sell you a dream that takes 50 years to get there. Our goal is to show you the tips a strategies that we used to take our financial situation and flip it upside down so that YOU can live the life you love right NOW.

Freedom is an idea worth pursuing

It's possible to do more of what you love if you put the right systems in place. Life isn't just your bank account, it's about the memories and the freedom you have to what you are called to.  

We'd love to connect further and share more about our philosophy. You in? I hope so because we share some great content that otherwise never gets shared anywhere else. 

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- Zack & Jen

P.S. If you want to watch a video about our story, see below. It's a little goofy but it was fun making it!