May 10

7 Quick & Easy Ways to Travel Cheap

By Zack | Travel Cheap

One of my passions is travel. I absolutely love it. I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over the world and love how each time I travel, I learn something new about myself and the world around me. One of the best things I believe anyone can do is travel. Travel allows you to get out […]

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Nov 08

How We Destroyed $50,000 of Debt in 1 Year

By Zack | Budgeting

Our story begins like many newlywed stories. We went on our carefree honeymoon and shortly after returned home to open gifts and write thank you letters to friends and family. It wasn’t long after settling into our new life together that we decided we were going to do this “adult” thing and we needed to […]

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May 25

The 7 Best Ways to Pay for College

By Zack | Budgeting

Read Time: 7 minsWhat’s up Freedom Chasers!? Today we have a guest post from Jocolyn Paonita. Jocolyn is a fellow blogger with some great tips for students that are hoping to pay for college without loans. She got over $126,000 in scholarships for herself when she was in school so she’s worth listening to if […]

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May 23

May Progress & Income Report

By Zack | Side Hustle

Read Time: 7 MinsWhat up Freedom Chasers?Have an exciting new post for you today that will give you a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how we are running this blog. Don’t go anywhere because we’re sharing some awesome tips and insights with you. If you’re returning, thank you for stopping by again, it’s great to have you! […]

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May 15

5 Easy Ways To Save Money on Your Wedding

By Jen | Budgeting

5 Ways to Save Money on Your WeddingA wedding is one of the biggest, most incredible moments in a person’s life. Not only is there pressure to make certain that your wedding is your dream come true, but there is also pressure to make sure your guests are having the time of their life.People are […]

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May 09

Advice To Set Clear Financial Goals (Why It Matters)

By Zack | Budgeting

Hey FreeUp readers! Today is a guest post by Amanda and Julia who run a blog called AJ Money Matters. They are coming at you with some awesome advice about financial planning to reach financial stability!Financial stability… something everyone wants but yet, a lot of people are still struggling to find it. What if we […]

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