What we've learned about financial freedom—and what we focus on here at YMYF —is this:

Building systems and habits that set you up for the opportunities to build wealth and find freedom from the burdens you face financially.

Another way to say it, money isn't a one time quick fix.

Instead, we realize that finding financial freedom requires an investment of our time and energy upfront to create the life that we want to live. We know that sacrifice lays the foundation for freedom later, so we work hard to create the framework now so we can reap the benefits later.


Before we talk any more about money and financial freedom, let's square a few things away first

Freedom is NOT: 

  1. Working a job you hate for 40 years just to make a buck. There's nothing wrong with a traditional job. We just don't thing you need to do something that you don't like JUST for the money. Life is short and you have dreams. We want money to Free you Up to chase those dreams, not hold you back. Conventional money sites talk about doing whatever it takes to reach a certain number of zeros in your bank account. Nothing wrong with that, that's just not how we define freedom. Attaining zero's is easy, living a good life takes work and intentional design. Why is it hard? Because life isn't a spreadsheet you can fill out to calculate the end result. Here's the truth: financial freedom isn't easy but we'll do our best to give you the information you need to move in the right direction.
  2. Progress does not happen all at once. I wish all the internet entrepreneurs get-rich-quick programs actually worked. We don't believe that there are any "secrets" to building a life of freedom and don't try to sell you anything that does either. We believe that honest effort and setting the right roadmap will get you where you want to go, not the "newest" and "latest" trend. The progress we have made financially has been hard fought but it was worth it. We're still fighting, that's okay. You can fight, too.
  3. Finding freedom is NOT possible.  Financial freedom has been a dream of ours since 2014 when we first got married. We were newly weds figuring the whole adult thing out. We had decent jobs but a LOT of debt. We wanted to travel but every time we talked about making it happen, we'd say, "ah we can't afford it". Financial freedom is a definition you have to come up with for yourself personally. Our first step towards financial freedom was paying off $50k of debt. Guess what? Once we got clear on our first goal, we paid that off in 11 months! If freedom means visiting family once a year across the country, let that motivate you. If it means having guilt free money to remodel your kitchen, let that be your motivator. If it simply means saving for a new home or your kids college fund, great! My point is, your definition of financial freedom will change over time and that's okay. Just get clear on what it is you want to strive for and start making your plan.


There's different ways to find freedom but there is no better way than by owning your own things and being debt free. 

For many of our readers, student loans are one of the biggest hinderances in reaching their next financial goal. Whether that is purchasing a house, starting their own business or even traveling more. That's why we believe and teach that paying off your student loans is the first stop towards freedom. We believe this for three distinct reasons:

  1. When you become debt free, you own your belongings, not the bank or the government. 
  2. You no longer have to be driven by fear of "making the payment" and keep the job that isn't your dreams just to keep the lights on. For example, when you have your car, loans, and credit cards paid off - you get to CHOOSE where to put that money and I bet you have some things you want to make happen with it - like your dreams!
  3. You simply know that your money and your life are worth taking seriously and you are proud of that. 

These reasons above are why I recommend trying to crush your debt as quickly as possible. One of the best ways we know how to get rid of your student loans is to refinance them. 

We recommend using our special service provider, LendEdu to consider refinancing your student loans if you have any. 


All it takes is 10 questions & 3 minutes to find the best student loan refinancing interest rates from multiple companies in once place. LendEDU is completely free, and there is no obligation to purchase anything at the end of their questionnaire. They do not utilize a hard credit pull, so your credit will not be effected in any way. No credit card required.


As you pursue your journey to become financially free, we’d love to connect with you further to share more insights about what we've learned on our journey so far. I think finding people that can show you shortcuts is important. That's ultimately why we created this blog and a simple email course to help you get started on your journey. We want to share our tips and insights that we've learned about managing our money the smart way.


It's possible to do more of what you love if you put the right systems in place and you have the right roadmap. Life isn't about zeros in your account (while they are nice), it's about the memories those zeros can give you. 

We'd love to connect further and share more about our philosophy. We want to hear your stories and how we can help you. We want this resource to be something we enjoy together.

You in? We hope so. We want to be a guide on your journey to reaching freedom, whatever that means to you.

We do our best to respond to emails, Tweets, and other messages. We're always open to talk more. We aren't special, we're just a couple who cares to help others with the things that can impact life in a great way.


- Zack & Jen

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